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JCH UA Corwen's Farmhouse Ivory

We are pleased to welcome you on the website of CORWOOD CORGIS kennel.

We are small non-commercial hobby kennel in Kiev, Ukraine. The only breed of our interest and our love at first sight is wonderful Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Joyful and fascinating short-legged dogs with big sensitive ears and fantastic personality entered into our lives not too long ago. But now those miracles with paws have became big and amazing part in our small “universe”.

We are going to breed exceptional pembrokes of sound conformation and excellent breed type, good health and temperament. And we are interested in breeding of pembrokes with natural bobtails.

Our Foundation Stock consists of four corgis:
  1. 2*UA CH, UA JCH Corwen's Farmhouse Ivory
    Natural bobtail
    D.O.B. 01/08/2009
    Quanda Katch Me If You Can x Zodia's Kiwi
    Breeder: J.Bastianen - J.Martens, Corwen's Farmhouse (Belgium)
  2. JCH UA Melany Of Pennies From Heaven
    Natural long tail
    D.O.B. 17/08/2009
    INTCH,CH NL,BELG,VDH Belroyd Kingbird x Juwel of Pennies from Heaven
    Breeder: Jan Snijder, Of Pennies From Heaven (Netherlands)
  3. INT CH, 4*UA, LT, BY, MD CH, MD Gr. & SGr.CH, BBB Hum'nbird Would You Believe
    D.O.B. 16/05/2005
    Natural tail, docked
    AM CH Sua Mah Thanks For Believing x AM CH Hum'nbird Wood Lily
    Breeder: Carrie Chase, Hum'nbird (USA)
  4. MD CH, UA JCH Otreks Get Down Tonight At Of Pennies From Heaven
    Natural bobtail, docked
    D.O.B. 26/01/2010
    AM CH Corgilandia Last Hero x Siggen's Dinah
    Breeder: Karen Skaggs, Otrek (USA)
All pembrokes are members of our family. First of all they are our big everyday friends. They live with us and our children in our home in Kiev city, and they spend plenty of time in our country house with large and safe field, where our small pack has a lot of space to play.

Now we are breeders of Welsh Corgi Pembrokes with registered by FCI kennel name of CORWOOD. And we are members of Ukrainian Kennel Union.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Nikolai Litvinenko
Kiev, Ukraine (GMT +2)
Phone: +380 50 3815892
Phone: +380 44 2279495
E-mail: info@corgi.in.ua
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Phone: 050 3815892
Phone: 044 2279495
E-mail: nik.litvinenko@gmail.com
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